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Ride for Refuge

Thank you sponsors!

Sponsor a rider!

This year, our riders will RIDE to help design a secondary school in Rwanda . They will RIDE to help design a world of hope and build the capacity of ministries throughout the developing world. Thank you for sponsoring them!


Greg Young - 25 K - Vancouver
Herman Wong - 50 K - Vancouver
Kevin Wiens - 25 K - Kamloops
Braden Swab - 25 K - Calgary
Hilary McGuire - 5 K - Calgary
Steve Ulrich - 10 K - Calgary
Jonathan Lee - 50 K - Edmonton
Terence Ma - 25 K - Waterloo
Eloy Yabut - Waterloo
Stephanie Hu - 25K - Waterloo
Benjamin Scott - 25 K - Newmarket
Jessica Yee - 5 K - Montreal

More riders to be added soon!


Team EMI Vancouver
EMI Kamloops Ride
Team EMI Calgary
Team EMI Edmonton
Team EMI Waterloo
Team EMI Newmarket
Team EMI Montreal

More teams coming soon!

Don't see a team in a location near you? Email for more information on becoming a captain of your own team!

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