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Partner in Hope

Your partnership through the eMi Network connects you to the front lines of Christian work in developing countries - making an impact by designing a world of hope.

Your financial support provides the resources to mobilize design teams to donate their services for development projects that reach out to the poorest of the poor.

Mobilizing a design team takes the support of 8 regular partners, 8 sustaining partners, and 4 executive partners. Will you sign up to be part of the mobilizing the next team?

more donation options (please mark "EMI Network Partnership" in a separate note along with your cheque or EFT application, or in the message box of an on-line donation. )

Because of our unique funding model, your donation is leveraged almost 10 times its value to serve the poor. Read more about our model. You can also read more about the project work.

Also, watch your in-box for our Tech Quarterly containing unique technical solutions to design challenges in developing countries and current opportunities to serve on the front lines



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