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Application Process

Surveyor on site in Haiti

1) The first step to apply for design services from eMi Canada is to fill in a Pre-Application Form. We have tried to keep this form as simple as possible. It provides us with an overview of your ministry and the project that you are proposing. Download Pre-Application Form.

2) After the proposed project is reviewed and provisionally accepted, we will forward a Project Application Package to you. This more detailed application is required for the final approval process, and focusses on project details and the scope of the project, ensuring that the services that eMi Canada is able to provide will meet your needs. Depending on the nature and scope of the proposed project, we may request additional information before final project approval.

3) After your project has been given final approval, eMi Canada will mobilize a team of design professionals consisting of architects, engineers, planners and/or surveyors, as appropriate. The team typically spends one week with your organization, working closely with you to turn your vision into a design on paper.

4) Following our time with you, the team will spend time at home putting together the design plans. These plans can start with coloured renderings to be used to assist you in raising the money needed for construction, to communicate your vision and work with local officials, or in your planning. As well, they can become construction documents from which the buildings can be constructed. eMi is able to work with you to determine your needs and then to develop the drawings as required.

5) On occasion, we can also mobilize construction managers to assist you during construction.

If you have questions about eMi Canada or about the application process, give us a call or email us at .


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